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Without Tax Diagnostic Software, your accountant cannot make you as tax efficient as possible......

 We can. 

Tax is complex. You may or may not know it, but the UK tax code is the longest in the world. Hidden amongst the ever-growing 11,520-page sea of legislation, there are hundreds advisory needs, saving opportunities and available reliefs – all created to encourage you and your business.  

At Southbourne Accountancy, we have invested in technology that makes it simple enough for you to make the most of a complicated situation…  

A good accountant will use their expertise to focus on structuring your current affairs to ensure you are tax efficient today, and in the future. Unfortunately, this usually happens in the background and with limited expertise. Furthermore, this happens without much involvement from the most important influence – you.  

That is why we have invested in tax diagnostic software.  


What is Tax Diagnostic Software? 


It is a tool that has never before been available. It’s only utilised by the most proactive of accountants. Those who are at the forefront of the industry know that expertise is never going to be maximised without collaborating with technology.  

tax review with diagnostic software takes you through a structured yes/no questionnaire format. The questions take around 30minutes to completeThey cover all areas of tax in the background, so that your advisor can focus on your goals and drivers.  

We will apply your personal, business and financial situation to all the advisory needs, saving opportunities and tax reliefs available, ensuring that each and every one is identified.  


You will be certain that no stone is left unturned, and that every possible opportunity is being considered.  


How does it work? 



We’ll invite you to your tax diagnostic review, and we’ll have already inputted your accounting and personal data. The software will analyse this and generate an array of questions specific to your situation.  


As you answer the questions, we’ll talk more about your personal drivers, motives and ambitions, keeping jargon to the minimum.  


After all the questions are answered, we’ll have a detailed report of every single advisory opportunity that is relevant to your situation. It’s as exciting as it sounds; we will have total visibility and certainty of your situation.  



With a new awareness of the personal goals that are associated with your tax situation, we will create an action plan with you at its centre. It’s time to become truly tax efficient.  


What to expect? 


After a tax diagnostic review, clients are expected to feel… 

  1. Instant progress, through the ‘quick wins’ that we will identify 


  1. Long term goals achieved – future tax advice will be considered, plus proactive restructuring to ensure the future that you want is a possibility 


  1. Control over your tax position – for the first time, you’ll be in the driver’s seat… no expertise needed! 



  1. A better understanding of tax – our clients have their eyes opened to the world of tax, and knowledge is power. 


Get in touch 


Ask your accountant if they offer a tax diagnostic service. If they don’t describe a systemised approach like the above, then they do not. We use the only software available and you are being underserviced.  

To find out how you can access our tax diagnostic service, contact us on debbie@southbourneaccountancy.co.uk/07307 186302. 

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