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Why a cheap accountant may not be the answer to all your dreams! 

So you have decided to delegate your business finances, this can be quite daunting as you might feel like you are losing control. You need to trust the person you are passing the baton to, trust that they will do a good job, keep you legal and care about the business’ success. So how do you decide which accountant to let into your business? 

Is it the cheapest accountant really the answer to your dreams? We all love a deal but consider this quote: 

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.” 

 At times there may be benefits to having a cheap accountant: 

  • The business will save money initially 

  • The business may get good service 

  • It is probably better than doing own accounts 

  • With modern technology the accountant can be based anywhere 

However, there are many consequences with having a cheap accountant: 


The accountant will only be able to provide limited support and will charge you extra for queries which means that you probably will not ask the question! 

Compliance only: 

Once the accounting year has finished you will hear from your accountant but surely you want to be able to have a discussion with your accountant, understand the key numbers on a regular basis. What use is it them telling you what happened in the business a year ago. 


Did you know that anyone can call themselves an accountant, there is no need to be qualified or have a certain level of experience? 


If your accountant does not charge enough, they will not have the time nor the funds to keep up to date with current regulations. In the world of tax and accounts it is very important to complete to keep up-to-date with the latest changes. Did your accountant keep you up-to-date during Covid? 


The accountant and the team will be overworked. In order to make a profit they will need to have a high level of clients and therefore be limited in the service they can offer.  

Advantages of having a more expensive accountancy service 


As your accounts will be up-to-date, what use is it being told what happened in your business a year ago. You want to know what’s happening right now – what products provide the best margin? What marketing channels are delivering amazing ROI? 

Better training: 

The business is more likely to be able to provide the training as they will have the time and resources to invest in it. Therefore, ensuring that everyone is up-to-date on the latest changes 

Tax savings could compensate for the higher fees: 

Provide help in situations such as coronavirus: 

The more expensive accountant will have had the time and energy to help your business with all the information coming out around the Coronavirus support. This is a time when the differences in customer service were highlighted.  

Commercial insights and analysis: 

One reason some accountants are more expensive is that they are investing the time to understand your business, get under the skin and provide commercial insights. A cheaper accountant will not do that because they don’t have the time and you are paying them to keep your compliant.  

When selecting an accountant, see it as an investment, an investment in your business’ future, your businesses growth and your sanity! Sleep better at night, enjoy your free time and let your accountant do what they do best.  


Do you need a proactive Accoutant? We can help!  

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