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Debbie Hancock

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What's stopping you from achieving financial freedom?

How many of you are familiar with the term financial freedom? This is one such goal that many of you are pursuing and are planning to achieve in your life.

Many of us experience some unexpected and costly bills coming our way. This can be your house expenses, car repair, or a medical emergency. Having all these bills on your table can panic you for a second, especially when you do not have enough money to pay them off.

But if you are aiming to achieve the financial freedom goal, all these unexpected expenses will no longer be a headache for you.

Let’s discuss a short overview of financial freedom and how you can achieve it successfully:

What is financial freedom all about?

Financial freedom is having enough money saved or invested to afford a luxurious lifestyle that you always dream of. You can live everyday life on your terms without the interference of anyone.

The main goal of financial freedom is to prepare yourself for any unexpected expenses coming in your path! During the 2020 Pandemic time, recessions were quite a lot of ordinary happening in the life of every single person.  But when you have financial freedom, you don’t need to rely on any government to help you find a job and settle in a better place.

Main reasons stopping you from achieving financial freedom

A few main reasons which will probably stop you from achieving financial freedom are:

·       No savings or reserve funds

·       Loans

·       Sticking to just one source of income

·       Wrong money mindset in budget planning

·       Lack of having a clear financial goal

Helpful Tips to follow for achieving financial freedom

When you achieve any goal in your life, always remember that you cannot get successful results in just one night. It needs a lot of your time, hard work, and patience. A few other helpful tips are:

1.      To achieve financial freedom, you need to be specific about your goal. It is useless to work on financial freedom until and unless you are unclear about your goal.

2.      Always invest suitably. Risk tolerance and time horizon are the two elements that can help you make a better investment decision.

3.      Avoid taking any debts. Involvement of debt will slow down your process from all sides. Under the pressure of debt repayment, you won’t be able to save during that time.

4.      When targeting financial freedom, there might come a point when specific options disappoint you. So keep yourself open to as many options as possible.

5.      If you are saving more in one month, you can slow down your pace for the second month. This will keep you away from the stress of achieving your goal.


Understanding the actual meaning of financial freedom is essential for a small business owner. They should save more to invest the money into something good in the future.


Make a proper plan with the specific target amounts and dates. This is how you can resolve your money issue and reach your goal in less time. 

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