R&D Tax Credits

Rewarding innovation and growth, R&D tax credits can transform your business.

R&D  tax relief was introduced by the UK government to incentivise innovation in SME UK businesses. This means that UK businesses can claim back up to £33 for every £100 spent on Research and Development. Really?! Yes really. If you have your doubts then speak to our specialist to find out more, it won’t take long, just an initial 15 minute call for them to understand your circumstances.

R&D is not just for scientists in labs, it is available to any industry, as long as your business:

  •  Is a limited company subject to corporation tax
  •  Has looked for an advance in science and tech
  •  Has tried to overcome uncertainty 
  •  Used a competent professional that could not easily work out the problem.
The project could even FAIL and you can still claim!! 

Think you have a claim?

Why not have a 15 minute call with our specialist to determine if you might be eligible. 

Tim Johnson CTA

R&D Consultant


Tim is our R&D Tax Specialist. Tim is a Chartered Tax Adviser and works as part of our team, to guide business owners, to secure the maximum cash in their business from government research, development and innovation incentives, empowering them to survive and thrive. Tim is super passionate about tax; bet that’s not a phrase you’ve heard that often