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Debbie Hancock

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What does coronavirus and hair have to do with mindset?

During the lockdown I am sure you have either complained about your hair or seen other people sporting some home cuts on Zoom. The point is that you wouldn’t normally notice how fast your hair grows. As it is constantly growing a tiny amount at a time, so small and insignificant you don’t notice it from one day to the next. However, during lockdown we have all noticed how much our hair has grown, we can see what a difference those tiny changes each day makes. 

Our success in life depends largely on our mindset. If you are chasing “get rich quick” schemes or giving up after a few weeks of effort you will never reach that end goal, the big dream. You will give up just as you are about to reach the peak.  

Those that succeed make small progress every single day, if you can do the same thing every day you will begin to see change. It may take 6 months, but you will be reward for taking positive action. Have you considered the compound effect of making small changes each day? How an extra 1% a day can cause a compound effect on your results? 

It is like a snowball. It starts off small but keeping building that snowball and then push it down a hill….it will grow and grow and grow.  

Don’t always aim for those massive changes which scare the pants off you, work on something small every day and you will see momentum and your confidence will soon be flying. 

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