Whether you are running a start-up or a large business, all companies must hold board meetings and here are a few tips to make them more efficient.  

With board meetings sometimes being deemed as a waste of precious time so it is important that directors turn up prepared and don’t just see it as “another meeting”. The chair must guide the meeting and welcome directors to challenge the thoughts and opinions being presented. 

Tips for having an efficient meeting – 

  • Actions – re-send actions a few days before the meeting to ensure everyone has time to action if they have not done so already.  
  • Have an agenda – you will need to cover topics such as health and safety, marketing, HR, finance, legal etc. 
  • No surprises – send out materials beforehand so that all directors have a chance to read and absorb the information.  
  • Minutes – at the beginning of the meeting ask if everyone has read the previous minutes and record this. Ensure someone is recording the minutes and assigning actions.  
  • Don’t go off tangent too much – a secretary can help to restore order and stop board members going off on a tangent.  
  • Ensure technology is working, if you are conducting the meeting via software such as Zoom make sure everyone has the details and can dial in.  
  • Have regular meetings to ensure actions are being completed, this could mean shorter but more regular meetings.  
  • Meetings do not have to last 30 minutes/60 minutes/90 minutes. If 45 minutes will do then only book in meeting for this time.  
  • Evaluate at the end, has the meeting been efficient and effective? Do the members have any suggestions as to how it could be improved.