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Debbie Hancock

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Thinking of changing accountant but worried that it is too hard or you are too busy

I have seen this regularly, you are comfortable with your current accountant, they are not doing anything wrong as such, the accounts are submitted on time and you are compliant. But it has been playing on your mind that changing accountants might be worth it.

You have seen on social media that accountants can offer so much more than just keeping your gym business compliant. They can have a positive impact on your bottom line, provide advice, give you confidence in your business and save you time.

You put off changing as you think it will be a hassle, it will mean working with someone else and learning how they do things. It seems daunting and complicated when sticking with the status quo is effortless.

But you went into business to make a profit whilst helping people keep fit and healthy. So why stay with an accountant that is not helping your business more forward and achieve your personal goals?

These are some of the reasons I have seen for not moving accountants and maybe you recognise some of them?

  1. People think it is hard to change accountants, they don’t want the hassle, it feels like a huge task! It is just easier to stay put. 

  2. Their accountant is a nice person and they don’t want to upset them. Maybe they have even become friends (or friends on social media).

  3. They have been with their accountant for ages and know how they work.

  4. They are hesitant about change, it’s in our nature to keep things consistent

  5. They are concerned that the new accountant might not understand their business or be as good as their current one.

  6. Their accountant knows their business inside out and so they don’t want to spend time explaining it to someone new. 

  7. It is not a priority right now, they will look at it later but then something else comes along that is easier to deal with and the change never happens. 

  8. They just don’t know what to expect with a new accountant, what happens, how does it happen and how much does it cost?

Therefore they decide its best to stay put and not upset the apple cart. But we all know that life is about change and amazing things can happen just outside our comfort zone. 

A new accountant could help you to understand your vision, ask you the right questions and ultimately help you reach your goals. 

If you are not 100% happy with your accountant but still don’t move, this is what it could be costing you:

  1. Your time! If you don’t fully trust your accountant, you may spend time worrying, double checking and asking questions. An accountant should put your mind at rest and take that worry away from you.   

  2. Money – if your accountant doesn’t help you to find the underlying reasons why your business is not profitable enough then they are costing you money. We all know that simply getting “more sales” is not the answer to this complicated problem. 

You don’t want this and that is why you are looking around. Below I have outlined the process I follow and it’s actually really easy. I will do most of the leg work for you, so it’s easier than you think.

Once you have decided to move your financials to me, the process is: 

1.   E-sign the proposal and letter of engagement (the terms and conditions)

2.   Gather your personal and business information and set-up the direct debit

3.   You use our template to tell your current accountant that you are moving

4.   Then leave it with me to contact your previous accountant

5.   I will then handle the access rights with HMRC

6.   Then we can begin speaking specific numbers and how we can improve them. 

This will pretty much happen behind the scenes with me working with the old accountant to move your business finances across. Sometimes there can be delays but I will handle these as much as possible.

Right now, all you need to do is book in a discovery meeting via this link and have a free no-obligations meeting to help us both decide if we are a good fit and moving is the right decision.

If you would like to learn more about the process I follow for the discovery call and beyond then read this blog:  https://southbourneaccountancy.co.uk/how-to-get-started-with-southbourne-accountancy/


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