What are the benefits of paying by direct debit?

Why direct debit is beneficial to you When deciding which accountant best suits your business, understanding how you will be charged for those services may be a key component. Will you have one large bill after the accountant has finalised your accounts and will you know when this might be? Even though the cost of […]

Thinking of changing accountant but worried that it is too hard?

Thinking of changing accountant but worried that it is too hard or you are too busy I have seen this regularly, you are comfortable with your current accountant, they are not doing anything wrong as such, the accounts are submitted on time and you are compliant. But it has been playing on your mind that […]

You use Xero in your gym business, so do you really need an accountant?

Do you really need an accountant for your gym business if you use Xero? So, you have cloud accounting software in your gym business, your bank (or gym management software) feeds into the accounting software and the software makes suggestions for where to reconcile the bank. Therefore you feel like an accountant is a waste […]

5 common accounting mistakes that could hurt your gym business

5 common accounting mistakes that could hurt your gym business Many gym and fitness centre owners – especially those just starting out – tend to handle their own accounting and bookkeeping. However, keeping track of the finance-side of the business– everything from income to expenses to tax compliance– can be overwhelming. Mistakes can happen quite […]

More money for your business – tax savings during covid 19

More money for your business than you know Even with a little glowing light at the end this unimaginably long tunnel, it does feel like for 2021, things just managed to get worse. But we’re not here to spread doom and gloom. We want to bring hope and open your eyes to options that until […]

Should you voluntarily register for VAT for your fitness center/gym?

Should you voluntarily register your fitness center / gym for VAT? You are considering starting up a new fitness facility and the outgoings are racking up fast. You need to purchase the equipment up front, sign leases, pay consultants for gym design/layout etc, most of these businesses are likely to be VAT registered. You are […]

Why is our tax service different and how does this benefit you?

Why our tax service is different and how does it benefit you? There are 3 ways that we deliver over tax service to you as a client.  The 1st is vitally important, its tax compliance, its how we help you account for the taxthat is due and therefore we help you fulfil your compliance obligations […]

Independent Gyms Partnership

Independent Gyms Partnership announcement The wait is finally over – we’re really excited to let you all know that the brand new Independent Gyms Platform is live!Head over to www.independentgyms.co.uk for a closer look. There are some great features on the platform from downloadable documents, to preferred partners with discounts, to events/workshops and webinars, to a variety […]

7 signs that your business is leaking profit

7 signs that your business is leaking profit …..and you need to hire an accountant 7 signs that your business is leaking profits and you need to hire an accountant.   Accountants play an important role at various stages of the growth of your business. They can handle much more than just your payroll and tax returns. So, when should you consider hiring an […]