Accounts are not the enemy of Sales

Accounts are not the enemy of Sales Today at Southbourne Accountancy, we are excited to have a guest joining us – John from Fresh Eyes Associates. John specialises in providing Sales and Account Management consultancy. Today he is sharing why the Accounts department and Sales department really should be working closer together and not constantly […]

5 ways R&D could save your business

5 ways R&D could save your business 1. R&D Tax Relief for a business with no previous claims An SME company that qualifies for R&D Tax Credits can receive an extra deduction of 130% of qualifying costs against their taxable profits. This is in addition to the 100% revenue deduction already given. For loss-making companies, […]

Management Accounts – what are they and do you need them?

Management Reporting – What is it and do you need it?  As a limited company you know that you must file a set of accounts every year, it is a statutory requirement and something that doesn’t seem to provide you much value. You cannot make proactive quick decisions based on historic data that is now probably […]

Virtual Finance Director – what is one and do you need one?

Virtual Finance Director, VFD, outsourced advisor, management accountant, finance business partner – there are so many names and descriptions to contend with in the finance world, so what is a Virtual Finance Director? Smaller businesses often face the same challenges as larger businesses, but they cannot always afford a full-time Finance Director.  A Virtual Finance […]