Why is our tax service different and how does this benefit you?

Why our tax service is different and how does it benefit you? There are 3 ways that we deliver over tax service to you as a client.  The 1st is vitally important, its tax compliance, its how we help you account for the taxthat is due and therefore we help you fulfil your compliance obligations […]

7 signs that your business is leaking profit

7 signs that your business is leaking profit …..and you need to hire an accountant 7 signs that your business is leaking profits and you need to hire an accountant.   Accountants play an important role at various stages of the growth of your business. They can handle much more than just your payroll and tax returns. So, when should you consider hiring an […]

Trivial Benefits – what are they?

What are trivial benefits? Should you care? What are trivial Benefits? Trivial benefits are best described as small ‘token gifts’, given by management to their employees. This can come in any shape or form but generally speaking, they are typified by gestures such as bottles of wine, chocolates, beer for the office, or team lunches. Essentially little […]

Collect your debtors faster

Collect your debtors faster Did you know that you still have to pay tax on your debtors, even if you haven’t yet collected them?  This is because you pay tax on your sales figures, whether you’ve collected the cash or not.  So, how do you collect your debtors faster?  Agree your payment terms at the time of […]

Prime example of maximising extracting value

Prime example of maximising extracting value from your business Let me introduce Gwil, a business man who knows what he wants; he wants to save tax, so the money he makes stays in his pockets (or his families…).  Here is his story and if you can relate and would like to see how you can […]

32 ways to get the maximum value out of your business

32 ways to get the maximum value out of your business A question I get asked all the time is: ‘What can I take out of my business?’ and ‘how do I save more tax?’ Well, the quick answer is, ‘there’s up to 32 ways to get value out of your business, tax efficiently.’ Yep, […]

You are not getting the tax advice you need…..

Stop! You are not getting the tax advice you need….and deserve There’s an unspoken truth when it comes to tax advice: for business owners, there’s a complete lack of transparency from advisors over what tax advice actually is. This means as a business owner: …..you don’t know what to expect from your accountant …..you don’t […]

Zero to Hero

From Zero To Hero Event Learn how to be wildly profitable with ease even if you’re a newbie! We help you to go from zero to hero! What you’ll get from this event For attending From Zero To Hero live online This is an unprecedented event for the health & wellness industry, with 13 top expert speakers […]

Finding R&D in Food & Drink

Find R&D Tax Relief in Food & Drink AM I ELIGIBLE TO MAKE A CLAIM? The key questions to ask yourself for any project you have undertaken are: 1.    Have you gone beyond “the norm” within your industry?This could be using new techniques, or re-thinking how something can be achieved because you were constrained by conventional […]

Southbourne Accountancy in Partnership with Starling Bank

Southbourne Accountancy in partnership with Starling Bank Southbourne Accountancy are delighted to partner with Starling Bank to bring a fresh approach to business banking to our clients.  Starling Bank is the perfect addition to our 100% digital service. Changing banking for good Who are Starling Bank? Founded in 2014 by Anne Boden, Starling is the […]