3 businesses lose £150k in R&D tax relief

3 businesses lose £150k in R&D tax relief The tales of R&D At first glance you might think this is an article about claims that have gone horribly wrong….but oh no, it is so much worse. Read on to find out how three businesses have missed out on a collective sum of £150k.  Here’s the […]

5 ways R&D could save your business

5 ways R&D could save your business 1. R&D Tax Relief for a business with no previous claims An SME company that qualifies for R&D Tax Credits can receive an extra deduction of 130% of qualifying costs against their taxable profits. This is in addition to the 100% revenue deduction already given. For loss-making companies, […]

Finding R&D in Software (Sports and Fitness)

Finding R&D in Software (Yes even in Sports and Fitness) Normally, when it comes to software, R&D is found in developing new techniques for building software and new software builds themselves – so your software development businesses. However, customisation of software to fit a business’s needs WILL also qualify where a technological advancement has been […]

Are you eligible for R&D?

Are you eligible for R&D? Are you eligible for R&D? Some people enjoy reading long blogs whilst others prefer something quick to skim such as an infographic. Follow the step-by-step process below and then get in contact with our R&D specialist for a quick 15 min call to determine whether your business activities fall into […]

The Cash in your bank

Cash solves problems, cash is king  What is cashflow?  Snapshot of business finances, it is a picture of money flowing in and out of a business. This picture shows the long-term financial health. You can track this on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.   Why is cashflow important?  It enables you to buy supplies, […]