How financial Ratios will tell you if your business has solid foundations (and how to read a balance sheet)

How financial ratios will help you build solid foundations for your business. As a business owner you will own lots of assets, owe other businesses money and have shareholders. The balance sheet brings all these together in a financial snapshot showing the businesses financial position at a specific point in time. Together with the Profit and Loss Statement, and Statement of Cash-flow, […]

R&D – How to get more cash back into your business

Research and Development – How to get more cash back into your business In February 2020, the government pledged to increase public investment in R&D to £22bn a year by 2025, meaning there is a significant opportunity for businesses to invest more on innovation and get cash back into their bank.  R&D is a tax […]

Insuring your fitness business

As a business owner, it’s essential that you protect yourself, your business and your clients’ by taking out an adequate, industry-specific insurance policy. It is better to be safe than sorry and protecting your business with the right insurance allows you to guard against risk and claim compensation for any losses. This is an intelligent business […]

Virtual Finance Director – what is one and do you need one?

Virtual Finance Director, VFD, outsourced advisor, management accountant, finance business partner – there are so many names and descriptions to contend with in the finance world, so what is a Virtual Finance Director? Smaller businesses often face the same challenges as larger businesses, but they cannot always afford a full-time Finance Director.  A Virtual Finance […]

Why choosing a local accountant is not always the best option

Why choosing a local accountant is not always the best option Does location matter?  The era of searching for an accountant in West Sussex, in Southbourne, in the next street is gone. The constraints of location no longer exist. As in every other service, accountancy`s gone digital! Yes, throw away those paper ledgers and move […]

The Cash in your bank

Cash solves problems, cash is king  What is cashflow?  Snapshot of business finances, it is a picture of money flowing in and out of a business. This picture shows the long-term financial health. You can track this on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.   Why is cashflow important?  It enables you to buy supplies, […]


Southbourne Accountancy & Business Services has been selected as one of the four accountancy firms who will form part of the #classof2019 AccountingWeb series.  Debbie Hancock the founder of Southbourne Accountancy & Business Services went along to the inital meeting in Bristol where the firms were grilled on their passions, aims for their first year […]

Tips for making board meetings more efficient

Whether you are running a start-up or a large business, all companies must hold board meetings and here are a few tips to make them more efficient.   With board meetings sometimes being deemed as a waste of precious time so it is important that directors turn up prepared and don’t just see it as […]