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Successfully grow your business

Looking to scale your business? Many leaders rightly focus on improving their systems and teams, but you must also scale yourself to meet the new demands on your time and attention. 

There are three fundamentals to successfully growing your business: having a clear organisation structure, having comprehensive systems, and developing great leadership. 

Many leaders focus on their systems and teams when looking to scale, which is important, but they must also focus on growing themselves. 

This article focuses on growing great leadership skills:

Most reasons why businesses fail, directly and indirectly, point to leadership failure. 

From poor planning to poor hiring, poor delegation, poor communication to poor process, poor capacity to poor execution – most things can be fixed with great leadership. 

Scaling the business will make new demands on a leader’s time and attention and it’s critical that these are both focused on the right things: 

1. Planning. 
Setting a clear vision and relevant business goals, regularly reviewing progress, and resetting goals to drive performance improvement. 

2. Inspiring. 
Motivating others to achieve more than before; showing them their potential to make an impact. 

3. Empowering. 
Enabling your team to find their own solutions by guiding them with your support, trust and encouragement. 

4. Culture. 
Demonstrating allegiance to the team and standing for the business’s core values. 

5. Innovating. 
Continuous improvement in people, product, and process. 

6. Personal growth. 
Developing and supporting your future leaders with mentoring and guidance. 

Great leadership is about influencing others in the direction of a common goal. 

While there can only be one leader of a business, there are several departments that need individual leaders. People can lead multiple departments initially but, as the business grows, should look to empower others and delegate the leadership of some departments.

In the book “The Emyth revisited” by Michael E.Gerber he talks about creating an organisational chart and giving each job a job title and a job description. Your name may be at the top of these at the beginning but as you scale these are the roles you will need to recruit for. It is important that you understand your strengths and grow as a person, so you can delegate effectively. 

On a scale from 1 to 10, how well do you rate your performance on the above six categories? Where can you scale your leadership? Need help? Get in touch. 

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