How we help your business evolve

Management accounts & KPI's

More than just a profit and loss statement.

We talk to you regularly and with current numbers so we can;

  • reduce any uncertainty you may have in regards to your businesses future
  • bring clarity to your financials
  • analyse performance against targets
  • provide KPI’s, so we can identify areas needing attention before they become a problem. 
By understanding your businesses key drivers you will find it easier to increase profit and free up cash. 


We can provide commentary on your budget and forecast variances, helping to understand the meaning of the variances.

This will enable you to make sound business decisions and create the business you want.   

Cloud Accounting - Xero

Save time and money with cloud accounting. Providing a single source of data to reduce errors and stress. Xero gives you more time to concentrate on what is important to you and allows you to see real-time data, whenever you need it. As a Xero Certified advisor and Bronze Xero partner I can help you utilise these benefits. 

This allows you to make important decisions based on numbers you are confident about. 

R&D Tax Credits

Rewarding innovation and fuelling growth, R&D tax credits have the power to transform your business.

R&D  tax relief was introduced by the UK government to incentivise innovation in SME UK businesses. This means that UK businesses can claim back up to £33 for every £100 spent on Research and Development. Really?! Yes really. If you have your doubts then speak to our specialist to find out more, it won’t take long, just an initial 15 minute call for them to understand your circumstances. 

R&D is not just for scientists in labs, it is available to any industry, as long as your business:

  •  Is a limited company subject to corporation tax
  •  Has looked for an advance in science and tech
  •  Has tried to overcome uncertainty 
  •  Used a competent professional that could not easily work out the problem.
The project could even FAIL and you can still claim!! 


  •  Immediate cash boost or future tax saving
  •  Claims process made easy by working with our specialist.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cashflow planning is best practice in any business and critical for survival and growth. So, spend less time worrying about the future cash pitfalls and plan for it with a cashflow forecast. If you understand the pain points (negative cashflow) then action can be taken to reduce the pain.

After preparing the cashflow we will run through your processes and identify the underlying issues. Once we understanding these we can implement a plan to resolve these and lead you on the way to achieving your 90 day plan.

Tax and Company Accounts

Plan ahead and conduct your tax affairs in an efficient way. Helping with self assessment tax returns, VAT returns and company annual accounts.

Business planning

Not just for businesses that need finance, they also help business owners to really understand their vision and core values.

We would work together to understand your short and long term goals and set targets to achieve those goals. This will enable us to review if the business is moving towards those goals and we will create a plan to address any critical issues.


Budgets help you to plan the year ahead, giving clear financial insight to achieve the goals that matter to you.

Examples of the plans we can offer

Of course there are certain obligations that every Limited Company has, but there is so much more we can offer.

We have prepared some packages of what your monthly investment could look like. We tailor every offering to your business needs and structure.

Start up

With a small team you have a handle on things but are wearing too many hats. Let us take the strain of the compliance work and be at the end of the phone.
£ from 299
Per Month
  • Annual Company Accounts
  • Corporation Tax
  • Payroll for 2 directors/employees
  • Xero Accounting Software
  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Quarterly VAT Return
  • Quarterly Management Accounts
  • Annual Review

Scale up

You are a busy business owner and need some reassurance that things are going to plan. We will help you to uncover opportunities to grow your business.
£ from 499
Per Month
  • Annual Company Accounts
  • Corporation Tax
  • Payroll for 5 directors/employees
  • Xero Accounting Software
  • Weekly bookkeeping
  • Quarterly VAT Return
  • Quarterly Management Accounts
  • Quarterly Review


Want to keep a track of your business and need to be looking at the numbers on a monthly basis then this is the plan for you. Keep on top of your finances so you can make financial decisions.
£ from 799
Per Month
  • Annual Company Accounts
  • Corporation Tax
  • Payroll for 10 directors/employees
  • Xero Accounting Software
  • Weekly Bookkeeping
  • Quarterly VAT Return
  • Monthly Management Accounts
  • Monthly Review

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