How we help your business evolve

Bringing clarity to your numbers

More than just a profit and loss statement.

We talk to you regularly and with current numbers so we can;

  • reduce any uncertainty you may have in regards to your businesses future
  • bring clarity to your financials
  • analyse performance against targets
  • provide KPI’s, so we can identify areas needing attention before they become a problem. 
By understanding your businesses key drivers you will find it easier to increase profit and free up cash. 

Providing advice

We can provide commentary on your budget and forecast variances, helping to understand the meaning of the variances.

This will enable you to make sound business decisions and create the business you want.   

Using technology to save you time

Save time and money with cloud accounting. Providing a single source of data to reduce errors and stress. Xero gives you more time to concentrate on what is important to you and allows you to see real-time data, whenever you need it. As a Xero Certified advisor and Bronze Xero partner I can help you utilise these benefits. 

This allows you to make important decisions based on numbers you are confident about. 

R&D Tax Credits

Rewarding innovation and fuelling growth, R&D tax credits have the power to transform your business.

R&D  tax relief was introduced by the UK government to incentivise innovation in SME UK businesses. This means that UK businesses can claim back up to £33 for every £100 spent on Research and Development. Really?! Yes really. If you have your doubts then speak to our specialist to find out more, it won’t take long, just an initial 15 minute call for them to understand your circumstances. 

R&D is not just for scientists in labs, it is available to any industry, as long as your business:

  •  Is a limited company subject to corporation tax
  •  Has looked for an advance in science and tech
  •  Has tried to overcome uncertainty 
  •  Used a competent professional that could not easily work out the problem.
The project could even FAIL and you can still claim!! 


  •  Immediate cash boost or future tax saving
  •  Claims process made easy by working with our specialist.

Forecasting your future cash so you are ready for the unknown

Cashflow planning is best practice in any business and critical for survival and growth. So, spend less time worrying about the future cash pitfalls and plan for it with a cashflow forecast. If you understand the pain points (negative cashflow) then action can be taken to reduce the pain.

After preparing the cashflow we will run through your processes and identify the underlying issues. Once we understanding these we can implement a plan to resolve these and lead you on the way to achieving your 90 day plan.

Keeping HMRC happy

Plan ahead and conduct your tax affairs in an efficient way. Helping with self assessment tax returns, VAT returns and company annual accounts.

Business planning

Not just for businesses that need finance, they also help business owners to really understand their vision and core values.

We would work together to understand your short and long term goals and set targets to achieve those goals. This will enable us to review if the business is moving towards those goals and we will create a plan to address any critical issues.

Looking to the future

Budgets help you to plan the year ahead, giving clear financial insight to achieve the goals that matter to you.

How much do I charge?

This must be the most common question I am asked and let’s be honest we all expect that answer to be available at the click of a button nowadays. However, I will liken it to when you got a price for your gym fit out, you did not receive an out of the box price, as every gym is unique, and every gym owners’ vision and dreams are different. The price would have been dependent on the size of your space, the type of equipment you wanted, what services and experiences you wanted your members to enjoy.

I realise that not having prices on my website could make you think I am hiding something and fill you with anxiety about jumping on a call with me, it might even distract you during the call as you are waiting for price at the end. So even though I cannot give you a price, as my fees are tailored to each individual business and their needs, I wanted to talk you through the process and give you an understanding of how I price.

Firstly, I just wanted to advise that I only work with businesses who either use Xero or are prepared to move across to Xero. This is for your benefit, as it means you can seamlessly access your finances, no matter where you are. It can be accessed via any device, enabling you to check your bank, pay invoices and use the app to take pictures of receipts on the go, saving you time. 

To learn more about how I charge for accountancy and finance support, read this blog: How much do I charge?

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