Is your business delivering the life you want? 

Is your business delivering the life you want? 

Yes? No? Maybe? Well, by considering the tax efficiency of seven key areas of your life together with your business, you can achieve the life you want quicker; starting by identifying your real-life number. This is the number that counts for everything behind the scenes that you are working towards in your real life. It includes things like your next house, next big investment, or your pension pot.



But it’s only really once you have a stable business that you can and should start to consider this. When we say ‘stable’, we mean your business has a good track record of performance:

          with regular recurring income,

          growth over a prolonged period of time,

          and has withstood difficulties.

It’s this foundation of stability that is a great indicator of the value of a business which at some point you will want to capitalise upon, when looking to exit. However, before this time, you can and should start to look at the different ways to extract more value for you, and your family, to achieve your real-life number and financial freedom quicker.



If you have a stable business and you are serious about getting more value out of your business, to achieve the things you want from life tax efficiently, you have to be ready to think hard and share information on the below seven areas of your life. Because your version of financial freedom is yours.

Now below is a link to a discovery form centred around these areas:


File/Save a copy
You’ll notice it does require a certain level of detail, but we assure you it is time well invested if you’re
want to get the results. We capture this information via a form away from us, as it’s not something to rush or be pushed on by us. You need time to think about it properly. To help we’ve put together some guidance
Why do we need this information’ here refer to this if you’re unsure at all.


If you want to explore this with us, please fill out the form above, send us an email and we’ll be in touch to discuss our recommended next steps. (debbie@southbourneaccountancy.co.uk)