Your Life

Is your business delivering the life you want? 

Yes? No? Maybe? Well, by considering the tax efficiency of seven key areas of your life together with your business, you can achieve the life you want quicker; starting by identifying your real-life number. This is the number that counts for everything behind the scenes that you are working towards in your real life. It includes things like your next house, next big investment, or your pension pot.

If you have a stable business and you are serious about getting more value out of your business, to achieve the things you want from life tax efficiently, you have to be ready to think hard and share information on the below seven areas of your life. Because your version of financial freedom is yours.

Now below is a link to a discovery form centred around these areas:

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You’ll notice it does require a certain level of detail, but we assure you it is time well invested if you’re
want to get the results. We capture this information via a form away from us, as it’s not something to rush or be pushed on by us. You need time to think about it properly. To help we’ve put together some guidance 
Why do we need this information’ here refer to this if you’re unsure at all

Where is the money?

Grab the work book and stop asking yourself - where is the money?

3 activities to adjust your money mindset and build real wealth. 

You will learn what’s been holding you back; how to begin to move forward and; where the money is.

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32 ways to extract value from your limited business

Need some tax-planning ideas? We’ve created a handy checklist and guide on the most efficient ways to extract value from your business. 

Our in-depth guide will give you a fool-proof value extraction strategy, with useful tips and tricks to maximise value. We’ll cover the tax-free benefits that can be provided by your business, helping you to cut costs and extract value more efficiently.

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Avoid running out of cash in your fitness business

If you have ever felt like you are struggling to get customers to pay you on time or you are unsure on that next big purchase, then read this guide. At the end you will be provided with a checklist of actions to take immediately. Make use of automation, save time, reduce stress and improve your cash position.