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Debbie Hancock

Debbie Hancock

Owner of Southbourne Accountancy & Business Services

Fed up of chasing payments?

Fed up of chasing payments and continually stressing about those awkward unpaid invoice conversations? 

Join me on Wednesday 4th November, when I am presenting a webinar via Zoom in collaboration with Rume2. This is a short session that will be packed full of tips on how to implement processes to prevent this happening in the first place and a few back up plans if needed.

Stop wasting time chasing late payments and implement processes before that happens, to book on and find out how click the link: https://www.rume2.co.uk/community-calendar

For further help see below:

1. Book a call with me: https://southbourneaccountancy.co.uk/contact-us/ 

2. Download our free guide on “7 mistakes to avoid – to stop your fitness business running out of cash” https://southbourneaccountancy.co.uk/fitness-ebook/ 

3. Connect with me on social media: 

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