With us on your side, you can kick back, relax, and focus on growing your business. 


We’ll take care of the nitty-gritty stuff, like bookkeeping, invoicing, VAT returns, and those annual accounts. Save the sweat for the gym!


Plus, we can hook you up with regular management accounts and financial reports, giving you a crystal-clear view of your business’s financial performance. With that info in hand and us in your corner, you’ll be making sensible decisions that’ll take your business to the next level. 

Here is a list of what you can get when you choose our fully managed accountancy services – in plain English:

Note that you may not require everything on this list; this is just an example of what we can do for you.

  • Bookkeeping and bank reconciliations: Keeping track of all your business’s money matters and making sure your bank account and financial records match up.
  • Expense management: You’ll have a super easy-to-use app to upload any receipts related to business spending – we’ll categorise them for you and make sure they’re deducted from your tax bills.
  • Regular financial reports: We’ll give you easy-to-understand updates on how your business is doing financially.
  • VAT returns (if needed): We’ll handle your VAT stuff with HMRC, no problem.
  • Regular financial reports: Regular analysis of your financial reports and tips for improvement.
  • Cash flow checks and projections: We’ll help you understand and plan your cash flow.
  • Budget and forecast updates: We’ll help you create and tweak your financial plans.
  • Annual accounts: Preparation of your yearly financial statements.
  • Corporation and personal tax returns.
  • Compliance checks: We’ll make sure your business follows all the rules and files everything on time with Companies House.
  • Year-end tax planning: We’ll give you advice on how to save as much as you can on taxes – all above board, of course – before the tax year ends.

What are my fees?

It’s natural to expect instant price quotes these days, but just like getting an estimate for your gym fit-out, I can’t provide a one-size-fits-all price. Each business is unique, with different needs and requirements. Thus, our services are truly bespoke, and tailored to each business owner.


Not having prices on the website may seem mysterious, and you might be anxious about discussing prices during our call. To put your mind at ease, let me explain the pricing process. First, we only work with businesses using Xero or are willing to switch to it. This ensures seamless financial access, with the ability to check your bank, pay invoices, and use the app to take pictures of receipts on the go.


Secondly, the investment in our fully managed accountancy services depends on factors such as your business size, the number of transactions, how often you need bookkeeping updated, the number of employees on the payroll, whether you have an in-house finance team, and the frequency of management reports and forecasts. 


Overall, our fees are designed to match the unique needs of each business. However, there is a minimum monthly fee of £250 for the smallest businesses and minimal service levels.

To learn more about how we charge for accountancy and finance support, you can click here to read our blog post about pricing.

Make a start today

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Building a professional relationship with Debbie that’s filled with absolute confidence, trust and respect has undoubtedly been one of the best decisions I’ve made in business and one that has also greatly impacted my personal life. 

Debbie’s approach to business is respectful, considerate, professional and entirely non-judgemental. Debbie has met us ‘where we are’ whilst guiding and supporting us towards where we want to go.  

Whilst operating remotely and not involved in the ‘day to day’, as such, I view Debbie as a fundamental part of our team that is supporting us in successfully and seamlessly growing into the next phase of our business. There’s no such thing as a ‘silly question’ and nothing financial related that we can’t turn to Debbie for.”

  • Carl Sellick: SB Fitness and Well-being