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Debbie is a Chartered Management Accountant and Certified Financial Coach, with 15 years’ experience in helping businesses have confidence in their finances.

Debbie grew up on a London Council estate and understands the barriers that can be put up by others and ourselves (often subconsciously). She believed that money wasn’t something she would ever have a lot of. Debbie began to overcome these barriers, achieving a 1st Class degree in Accountancy, then promoted to Finance Exec in a FTSE100 company just before her 28th birthday.

Though when Debbie started her own accountancy business, she found that her money blocks were stopping her from even matching her employed salary, let alone being truly rewarded for the risks taken. She was seeing this mirrored in the business owners she worked with, they were often not taking a salary from the business, working long hours and not being rewarded for the risks taken.

This is when Debbie began a journey of understanding money mindset, recognising that money stories were holding her back and training as a Financial Coach. She now works with business owners to help them understand their stories and reframe them so they can stop asking “where is the money?” and start getting their business to give them their life dreams.

Debbie has appeared on a number of podcasts, including “Helping Organisations to Thrive” “Fit Pro Lead Gen” and “Women & Money Cafe”, sharing knowledge around creating a healthy money mindset for business.

When she is not on social media, recording videos, Debbie is found in her sweaty sports gear (running, cycling, doing weights) or jumping into the cold sea….in just a swim suit. Debbie’s aim is to build trusting relationships, to take away some of that stress so the business owner can concentrate on their business. The fitness Industry support so many people with their health and fitness goals, they sometimes forget that they need to make a profit at the same time. That’s why Debbie wanted to support independent gyms, fitness centre owners and fitness suppliers and help them make their business a success for them as well as their members.


Building a professional relationship with Debbie that’s filled with absolute confidence, trust and respect has undoubtedly been one of the best decisions I’ve made in business and one that has also greatly impacted my personal life. Let’s be honest, business and personal lives will always overlap and the potential stress, worry and confusion that arise in business will always impact personal life to an extent. Debbie’s approach to business is respectful, considerate, professional and entirely non judgemental, which I found particularly warming when we were in the early stages of business in which we felt very much like imposters in a new venture. Debbie has met us 'where we are' whilst guiding and supporting us towards where we want to go. 

Whilst operating remotely and not involved in the ‘day to day’, as such, I view Debbie as a fundamental part of our team that is supporting us in successfully and seamlessly growing into the next phase of our business. There’s no such thing as a ‘silly question’ and nothing financial related that we can’t turn to Debbie for. Debbie is so much more than ‘just our accountant’ and we feel incredibly fortunate to have found her.  

Carl Sellick
Owner SB Fitness

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