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Top 8 things to outsource in your business 

Are you looking to scale your business? Then you will need to work more “on it” and less “in it”. Thanks Michael E.Gerber for that snippet of advice! But how can you do that if there are only 24 hours in a day? You need to find a way to leverage your time and outsourcing your least favourite tasks or the least time efficient tasks could be the way forward.  

What type of tasks could you outsource? 

  • Repetitive tasks: Data entry is a good example of a highly repetitive task. You or your in-house employees can then concentrate on the tasks which have a greater impact. 

  • Specialised tasks: IT support could be a good example. You need specialised support for your network and software, but you do not need a full-time employee. Plus it could be a good cost saving as employees can be expensive once you include national insurance, pension, holidays, sick pay etc.  

  • Expert tasks: An accountant or Finance Director is a good example of a position requiring a high level of expertise, but that you can still easily outsource. An FD may be a luxury for a smaller business that it simply cannot afford or justify, however they would really benefit from the expertise. Therefore, outsourcing this as a part-time position solves this issue. 

Things you should consider outsourcing in your business: 

  1. Digital marketing. 
    I think at this point having a social media presence, however small, is almost imperative to any business. If this is not a strength of yours then consider outsourcing it, there are many small businesses out there and freelancers who are very knowledgeable and will be much more efficient. The other option is to use a scheduling app such as buffer. 

  1. Graphic design. 
    Your brand is a key reflection of your product offering. If you don’t have the skill, software and time to do this well, you’ll potentially damage your brand. 

  1. Scheduling and administrative tasks. 
    A Virtual Assistant can be a great asset and will help you manage anything from your appointments to flights, emails and beyond (virtually anything admin). At a lower level, consider adopting software that’ll automate or minimise processes, such as self-booking appointment apps where your clients can schedule a meeting with you, e.g. Calendly. 

  1. Website development 

  2. Services such as WordPress, Wix and others make it quite easy to create your own site, but usually it’s better to go to the professionals to create a great site that looks good while also moving fast. They will understand how to make a website which google likes and ensure it is suitable for all formats such as computer or mobile. 

  1. Payroll. 
    This task is best left to the professionals, there is a lot of changes to keep up with. Outsourcing payroll will minimise the risk of inadvertently getting it wrong, while saving you time and, most likely, reducing the cost of this task. Utilising a payroll product is another great option. 

  1. Bookkeeping. 
    Do you spend your evenings or weekends completing bookkeeping? Spending your precious time googling, “how to account for selling a fixed asset?” Does the stress of these tasks piling up occupy your mind? Outsourcing these tasks (and the stress) to someone else can be liberating and cost-effective. 

  1. Virtual Finance Director 
    A Virtual FD can provide an outsider’s perspective that can breathe new life into your business, they can provide a unique perspective and be a sounding board for ideas.  Sometimes employees may be too close to the business and not see the wider picture. They will help you get to grips with the health of your business.  

Tempted to start outsourcing some of your tasks to free up your time? We can help by taking the last three roles off your hands! We work

with a number of our clients in this way, allowing them to focus on what they do best. 

While outsourcing takes a little bit of setting up, it’s worth the short-lived pain for massive gain. Concentrate on what you are good at and where you can have the most impact on the success of your business.  

Work to your strengths, outsource the rest! Need help? Get in touch. 

Do you need perspective on how you can work smarter? We can help!  

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