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Make confident decisions with real time information

Do you want more time to concentrate on what is important to you, then the use of apps such as Xero allows you to see real time data, when and where you need it, at home, at work or on the go.

This allows you to make important decisions based on numbers you are confident about.


“When I founded Fierce I initially began working with an accountant I had previously used, very quickly I realise that we had made a mistake and needed a more specialist and professional partner to assist us. We switched to working with Debbie , her initial project was to correct the errors from our previous accountancy practice , once this was completed she began dealing with the accounts on a regular basis.

Throughout my time working with Debbie I have found her to be responsive, knowledgeable, friendly and professional. If you’re looking for an accountant for your Fitness business (or any other business) I wouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with Debbie.”

  • Paul Tomlinson – Owner of Fierce Gym

“Whilst operating remotely and not involved in the ‘day to day’, as such, I view Debbie as a fundamental part of our team that is supporting us in successfully and seamlessly growing into the next phase of our business. There’s no such thing as a ‘silly question’ and nothing financial related that we can’t turn to Debbie for. Debbie is so much more than ‘just our accountant’ and we feel incredibly fortunate to have found her.”

  • Carl Sellick – Owner of SB Fitness

How we can help your business

Maximise business potential

You will get real-time meaningful financial information.

We will help you to analyse your business numbers so that you can understand what they really tell you.

So you can get to know your business better.

And, confidently plan and make decisions for the future.

Use R&D to:

1) More cash in your pocket
2) Reduced tax bill
3) Well you deserve it after working hard to develop new products or processes or enhancing products or processes.

Stay compliant

1) Keep HMRC happy and stay on the right side of the law.
2) All the normal accounts, tax returns and VAT submissions.
3) So you can have the confidence to move your business forward without the hassle of accounts and tax.

Technology helping you

We use technology so that you can monitor your business health, anywhere on any device.

This empowers you with knowledge at the right time and means there are no surprises.

Technology such as Xero allows you to work collaboratively with your accountant.

Maximise the money you can extract from your business

Every business owner can extract loads of value from their business.

In our "Extracting value" tax diagnostic review we will identify all the: tax advice needs, tax savings opportunities, allowances, incentives and reliefs, applicable to your business. These are things that relate to you, your family, your life and your business.

Let's make sure you are doing them as tax efficiently as possible. Want to find out more click the icon.


Real-time updates mean no more waiting to learn the health of your finances. View and share interactive reports and budgets, all in one place on a customisable dashboard. Spend less time in spreadsheets and more time on your business.

ClubRight has been designed by people who understand the challenges of running a business in the health & fitness industry, and are passionate about helping you free up your time to focus on the job that you love. 

If you’re setting up for the first time or switching from other software, we’ll support you through your journey to a happy and healthy business. 

With Hubdoc, you can automatically import all your financial documents & export them into data you can use. 

Independent Gyms support fitness facilities across the UK and Ireland to grow. They want to make a difference to their member’s businesses and lives and in doing so improve the industry as a whole for gyms and the end consumer. 

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